Legal stuff and stuff…

The random disclaimers that piss us all off…

*No I’m not associated with Hasbro, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or whatever in any way other than being a huge fan. If you are a person with a legal connection to anything that I use on this blog and I use something in a way that is a problem, please feel free to contact me, even if it is a piece of artwork that I could not find the artist for. I’m still getting used to the legal tidbits but I am a fast learner. However, fair use is fair use…

On a related note just check the show out! You can see episodes on Youtube and Hasbro has been more than wonderful with the community of fans (I have never seen fanservice handled so carefully and well!). It’s seriously one of the most creative groups that I have ever been part of and that experience might even be why I decided to do this.

*If you email me and act like a decent human being and exchange ideas in an honest manner, I will honor all requests to keep correspondence private in any manner you might wish within reason. While I will give fair warning, if you turn out to be a crappy human being I reserve the right to post whatever I want, in any way that I want. I will not leave anything out either which as you may find out is not always a good thing.

*If I make a mistake with ANYTHING, please let me know! While I am fortunate to have a pretty broad range of scientific experience, I am only one person, and a weird one at that. If I get a piece of science, history, or anything incorrect I want to change it. I’m not looking to validate anything more than my picture of reality. Anytime anyone refuses to change what they think of the world when the evidence says otherwise only makes themselves a weaker human being.



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