So I have essentially been rewriting the “design principles” page in it’s final form, and making all the final choices for the first piece so that I can have it finished and included as an example.

First pieces actually, since the delay included a new design element I am actually making three pieces, two processing regions and the contact zone between them (I changed that “Inter-ganglial regulatory interface” thing, it’s just “ganglial contact zone”). I’m doing the spinal trigminal nucleus caudalis, interpolaris, and the regulatory zone in between. I know it’s not much compared to what I wanted at this point, but here is a quick shot of what I have outlined.

The full design principles page will be the “Map Legend” page. I’m “almost” done and it’s at~8700 words. I had no idea that all that was lurking in my head. I’m glad that I took the time to outline this in full form because ADHD and disorganization. I am a learning process apparently…

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