Proof! :)

I want to apologize to those of you reading that did not realize that this was a lab manual.

One thing I should have said more obviously is that this is a process as well as a model. So what I am finishing for you is a story and a map legend. I’m calling it a “Legend” page because it’s all the background that any random person would need to figure out what they were looking at. It has,

  1. Why the model is important to me (It shows how information moved through the brain which lets me understand how I think).
  2. Why I had to make it look like I did (The design elements:Wires, processing regions, and interfaces).
  3. What the elements mean.
  4. How to look it up for themselves.

I’m trying to make it like lab meeting of the kind that I would have done in graduate school for fun. I am trying to get it done as fast as I can, but I realized that it would be really important to have and made delaying construction worth while.

Just for fun here is one of the analogies that I am using to offer something.

Yep! I really do think that parts of the brain can be understood in terms of similarities to specific generalities of the computers we use!


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