Home sick and too picky…

I have two good posts almost finished. I have just been unhappy with how the information is presented and keep trying to refine it. I said last time that I was going to do a philosophy post for fun but I’m not braining too good today…

The first one is a final (hopefully) set of principles for choosing colors for the structure of the model so that it will be visually sensible. To give you an idea about why it took a while, here is a preview showing the things I needed to categorize.

“The Wires” (Nerves)

Here is a legend of sorts from my spread sheet that just sorts the features of the nerves by the individual sensation that they detect and other relevant information.

By individual sensation I mean the organ/receptor/structure that gives a single aspect to a “sense” like the “stabbing” pain sensation that is sensed by naked nerve endings, and carried by type Aα nerve cells.

The “Processing Centers” (Ganglia)

Here is another image from that set of sections of the human Brain Stem showing the locations of all sorts of anatomy.

I have farther refined the shading so that regions shaded with black are the nerves, and the bright regions are the processing centers.

I am planning to start modeling ganglia Wednesday or Thursday so I should finally have some images and information up. I’ll try to give information on what is known about the parts as I build and place them. I figure it’s better to do the processing centers and then install wires after that.

Here are the materials at my disposal again.

Nerves (glitter for ganglia too)


I have far more than this planned for the post defining how they are to be used. I just wanted to get something up here for now.

Me and Philosophy

The post that my sick brain failed me on was an attempt to take Broadmanns areas,

…combine them with the Two-Streams hypothesis and the Primary Auditory Cortex,

…and after defining the way information flow through the brain, see if we had a model to compare with your favorite philosophy.

The basic idea is that philosophy makes claims about the mind, and it might just be possible that we may see something interesting if you look at how information flows in the brain, and consider if that places limitations on what is possible in human philosophy.

Honestly I’m not sure where I am going with this yet. but my inner monologue says it’s a good idea so I’m listening to her…

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