Why attack language and science?

Because there is no other way to increase the speed of the impact of important and NEW mental health information.

The language barrier.

I believe that scientists need to take the initiative (all professionals really) because of the challenges that the world is facing, but more specifically the United States because that is where I live. I will bring up international information from time to time because, lets face it, we affect the rest of the world. Also the comparisons between the US and the rest of the world give valuable information. (Also I’m pretty anti-tribalistic by nature)

As a society we always say that we want good education, and a strong economy, but regardless of the specifics of politics and who is responsible, voters are always too distracted to pay attention to figure out what to really do. So whatever science and medicine discovers, takes decades to work it’s way into the public consciousness, and political support. Do you expect sane mental health policy on what you are studying today?

Sorry but scientists need to take the initiative as much as they can, and I was one, and I technically have mental health issues (I just never knew they might have been a disability until late in my career). Part of why I am doing this on a blog is so that anyone with mental health issues might benefit from the real information that I will be putting up here. Information that discusses why is hard to turn brain information, which seems to be all about things they feel anyway, and turn it into something that helps them.

I just happen to be in a great position to do this because I was a scientist (and still am if you talk philosophy), and now work in public education. I am even the only scientist in a military family. These are advantages because they shaped my life! The fact that I think I have a mutation that affects my language abilities in a way that emphasizes the rule-based aspects of language is just icing on the cake! (I’m almost cackling like a mad-scientist here).

It’s a process…

So that is why actual model building will be slow for the next couple of weeks. I did say this was a summer project! At the moment I am doing a lot of preparation because my biggest goal is to make the brain sensible to everyone. Figuring out how to organize the information properly is my biggest challenge and priority. The reason I make such a big deal about the fact that this “industry of learning the mind” is centuries old is because this stuff has to be made real world as a professional priority. Here is a completely realistic example:

Hard working parents with children have time to keep the children alive, clothed, and struggle to be happy together, or find the time to try to be happy together. Some or one of the children are likely to have:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Behavioral disabilities
  • Emotional disabilities

Many of what we think of as emotional problems in children start as normal parts of growing up. Children are easily distracted and hard to control because they are essentially learning machines. But what starts as normal can become a mental issue if things do not go as planned.

When you go to the webpage for the CDC (as of writing this) they actually have pretty detailed information on things like “emotional or behavioral difficulties” general statistics. Now why did I have to be so vague and UN-detailed about all of that information? Because that is what the public hears from the government on the most broad issues having to do with mental health during election time and few folks want to get specific, and everyone says they care about mental health remember?

When the more than 1 in 10 of us with these problems tries to talk to politicians about their problems, this is the level of the discussion. Something needs to change, and I think giving people the words to defend themselves from the rest of society by making politicians learn about this is the answer. This is literally the only way to force the government to learn what to do to fix mental health, faster! Give the public the language to make the government keep up with them by making all terminology descriptive!

Every scientist should basically learn a second language to talk to everyone else in the society as a matter of practice. This is my effort.

How to make the brain make sense in a visual model.

Here is are just some of the important features of the human nervous system that I need to work into a whole.

  • Nerve class (defined by signal speed, cell diameter, and voltage peak)
  • Sensory information classes: Touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste
  • Sensory information classes in sciency words: noicecption (general irritant/injury sense), somatosensory (touches/temperatures/”sense in space” system) , auditory system, vision system, chemical senses (Taste/Smell),  Pain, chemical pain, mechanical touch, hot/cold, chemical tastes, chemical smells, light, more? (always…)
  • Sensory information as it is sorted and organized by structure.
  • Connections between the structures
  • Nature of the connections between the structures
  • Nature of the structures
  • Behavior of sets of structures as it relates to real behavior and experience (more recent so here is where the public mental soak zone is)
  • Internal behavior of basic units of structures (politics has no idea what is coming, the law has not even heard about this stuff yet.)
  • More? (always…)

The Public NEEDS to know this stuff and it’s all in scientific review articles. I’m going to try to get it into art.

The next post will introduce what i think is the most important organizational principal that you need to know to understand where the brain meets the mind, the hierarchy. (Random example…)


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